New Landing Page

A personal webpage section with a photo of a man named Romain, who is a Software Engineer in Vancouver, leaning on a seaside pier railing, alongside a brief professional summary that emphasizes his expertise in distributed applications and microservices, his hobbies, and social media links with a prompt to download his resume.

I’ve put together a landing page on with all my links. Many thanks to Camille for the picture.

There are services that I really love, and is high on the list. If you’ve never heard of them well first of all, you need a Joe in your life. They’re friendly and always have the best recommendations. Carrd is a very well made service to create one-page websites. If - like me - you don’t want to spend time building a website for a project (because you’re not very good at it), I cannot recommend Carrd enough. A little while ago, I moved to a new domain for this very website and setup a redirect from the old domain, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to host anything under this URL, but I knew I wanted to keep the domain since that’s what I use for my main email address.

I must have spent around 5 hours to setup the page and dedicated roughly 4 hours and 32 minutes of this time to selecting a theme. In the end, I asked Camille to pick.

Oh well, at least it’s done now!