Notes #2

  • I have a bunch of side projects and experiment and I finally took the time to extract some of the common logic I use everywhere. Right now, that includes helpers for Vapor apps, a set of components for Bootstrap based on Plot (which allows me to create web pages pretty quickly), a module to manage authentication on top of cookie and JWTs, etc.. It took me foverer to finally decide to do that, maybe turning 36 last month is the reason why I decided to get my shit together?

  • I gave a chance to DigitalOcean’s PAAS, as well as It’s always nice and shiny, but I ended up blocked by the lack of documentation or cryptic issues. Right now, I’m experimenting with Dokku based on a recommendation from Joe. I’ll hoping to report next month.

  • Ever since I ran my half-marathon, I’ve been struggling to keep up with training, which has honestly affected my mental health a bit. July was also a bit of a shit show - despites my little sister visiting, which made me very happy - and ended with my partner and I testing positive to COVID. After avoiding it (as far as we know) for 3 years and being the masked weirdos in public space, it really frustrated us. Fortunately, it mostly sucked for the first 3 days, now I’m just dealing with a lingering cough that might take a few weeks to go away. Fortunately I started training with a new trainer and ive been truly enjoying it. I’ve also signed up for the next running clinic, the same I trained with when I prepared for my half, this time I want to focus on improving my pace. It starts in September and I’m loving forward to it,

This is only the second “notes” update that I’m posting. I’m hoping to post more but I’m also trying not to pressure myself too much. If anything, I’m enjoying writing here again.